Monday, 8 July 2013

Get Rid of Pimple Redness Within an Hour!

As a teenager, these are one of the most annoying and reoccurring things in day to day life. Especially before an important event or just heading out and accidentally running into your crush with a big red spot on your face. Here are a few natural and easy ways to get rid of pimples and redness.

But first, a few important tips; 
1) You've heard this a million times and most likely have ignored this warning (I'm personally guilty as well). DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACE. It ALWAYS makes it worse. Just don't do it. Don't.
2) Apply ice to the affected area. It reduces swelling and redness. I like to use a kind of freezie ice cream to make it more fun. Just because. 
3) Wash your face two times daily with a face wash. It is best to use these treatments after you have washed your face. 

4 Awesome Things That Get Rid of Annoying Pimples; 
1) Stuff with caffeine - My favorite is coffee. But tea will work as well. Mix used ground up coffee beans and  honey. You may apply it to the affected area or all over your face. It reduces redness and swelling and contains with many other benefits for your skin as well. 
2) Oregano Oil - Apply a small amount directly to the affected area. Do NOT spread on face unless mixed with some other oil such as almond or olive. Oregano is proven to reduce swelling, redness, and is anti-bacterial.
3) Tea Tree Oil - It smells bad to most people, but it works quick. Apply it to the affected area and only the affected area. Tea tree oil is anti-bacterial and proven to work against acne, swelling, and redness. 
4) Eye drops - Eye drops reduce redness and swelling temporarily on the skin the same way it does for the eye, by constricting the blood vessels. Note, this is only TEMPORARY. But it should last for several hours and is a quick fix before heading out.

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