Friday, 26 July 2013

How to Look Beautiful With Five Easy Steps!

I know, this seems too broad a topic, and it goes against the whole purpose of my blog which is giving you homemade remedies on how to help your external beauty. However, I thought that it is very important that I should put it out there so you, the visitor of my blog, can know what I believe true beauty is. It's not about having a giant bust, or perfect hair and skin, or expensive clothing. It's about being yourself and being confident in who you are. It's about exaggerating what you like about yourself and improving what you don't like. That doesn't mean you should shove it in people's faces (always mind your modesty). But it means embracing who you are and always finding ways to improve yourself.
So for this post, I'd like to give out some tips on how to stay confident and look the best that you can. Happiness makes you the prettiest person in the world!

Five Tips on How to Look Beautiful;
1) Always Smile - A smile can make anybody's day and it expresses what kind of person you are. You will attract people to you just by your upbeat look and confidence. And I know it's hard to smile sometimes, but smiling even when you're feeling down can help improve your mood overall by "tricking" yourself to be happy. So always find opportunities to smile =D
2) Always be kind - In my opinion, if I were to meet the most physically attractive person in the world and find out that they're rude, my interest would just go down to nothing. And a lot of good and trustworthy friends I've met throughout my entire life would completely agree with me. Being nice to others is always an attractive quality and it radiates your good qualities inside and out.
3) Be healthy - Being healthy and staying in shape is a major stepping stone in order to be the best that you can be and in finding happiness and confidence. Try to find little ways to be healthy, such as cutting out junk food, going for a walk everyday, incorporating fruit and veggies into your diet a little bit at a time, etc. It's the little things that count.
4) Find clothing that compliments your figure - Before people get to know you, they normally judge you based on what you wear and how you present yourself externally. It's just the way the world works. So try to find something you like that exaggerates your good qualities and tucks away the ones you dislike, but within appropriate means. Try to lean away from exposing yourself TOO much (if you know what I mean) because you will get the wrong kind of attention..
5) Stay CLEAN - I cannot say this enough, especially for kids going through puberty. Take a shower everyday, brush and floss your teeth, use deodorant, and keep your nails nice and neat to maintain a fresh countenance. By doing this, others will know you take good care of yourself.


  1. Great pointers. All its important.

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