Sunday, 18 August 2013

All Natural Homemade Facial Washes!

In store-bought cleansers, you never know what you're going to get. You read the label that contains a million ingredients that are seemingly written in a different language and which could either destroy your skin or give it a temporary cure. By going natural, you don't risk these extremities (unless you have allergies) and will most likely help your skin rejuvenate itself by using natural ingredients. Here are five ingredients found in your kitchen that you can use to wash your face everyday and get naturally perfect skin!

1) Almond or castor oil - By massaging one of these oils into your skin for 3 minutes and washing it off, you can tighten skin, prevent aging, soften skin, and get a nice radiant glow! You can even apply a little bit of almond oil on your skin before bed and use it as a nightly moisturizer!
2) Milk - Applying milk on your skin everyday for 3 minutes helps prevent premature aging, shrinks the pores, softens the skin, and helps the skin become radiant naturally!
3) Honey - Honey is anti-bacterial and softens your skin while you clean it! Make a honey mask by just applying it for 10 minutes and washing it off before you sleep.
4) Lemon - Cut a lemon in half, obtain all the juices, rub into your skin for 3 minutes, then wash off. This helps reduce and prevent acne as well as lighten the skin and reduce scars and dark marks!
5) Plain yogurt - Yogurt is a natural cleanser that helps detoxify the skin and is also a natural make up cleanser!

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