Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Awakening Coffee Face Mask

Don't throw away those used grounds that you used to make your coffee this morning! Instead, make your own "wake your skin up" face mask AFTER using the grounds (it is especially important to use used ground coffee to not scratch your face). Although I'm not a coffee lover myself (I'm more of a tea drinker), I absolutely love using this mask to get rid of tired eyes, brighten my face, and to feel more awake.


  • Used ground coffee
  • Honey (lots of benefit for your skin in this ingredient)
  • Cocoa (Optional)


  1. Wash your hands and your face
  2. Take a small cup and place your coffee grounds in it
  3. Pour enough honey over it until you can mix the honey and coffee together easily
  4. Add a quarter of a teaspoon of cocoa and mix well (Optional)
  5. Spread mixture evenly over face (especially under eyes) and do NOT rub
  6. Wash off thoroughly with lukewarm water

After using this face mask in the morning, your skin should be visibly brightened and the area around your eyes should appear to be more awake.

What are the benefits for my skin?
There are many benefits for using coffee as a skin care product (if used moderately).

  1. It exfoliates dead skin 
  2. It tightens skin and reduces cellulite 
  3. It brightens the skin
  4. It's known to SLIM the body if used as a body scrub
  5. Removes acne scars 
TIP* An alternative ingredient in this mask can be to replace coffee with caffeinated TEA (avoid herbal teas if you would like to benefit from the caffeine). Tea has many benefits for your skin in itself, and I prefer this over coffee. Although it contains less caffeine, this may be a better alternative if you use the right tea. Look for teas that have ingredients that are beneficial for your skin, such as green or peppermint.

P.S. There will be a continuation of this post TOMORROW on how to naturally dye your hair black with coffee!

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