Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Natural Treatments for Dry Skin!

Itchy and dry skin can be very unpleasant, especially if you don't have very oily skin to begin with and winter weather just decides to come along (I'm from Canada, eh). It's very important to have "strong" skin, because it is what protects you from many environmental factors, disease-causing bacteria, and it makes you look pretty if well taken care of.
So what can you do to prevent and treat dry skin? Easy. Just read below ;)

Five Skin Sins That Cause Dry Skin
1) Winter weather - The most wonderful time of the year. Where all the moisture is sucked out of the air and you're left with wonderfully dry skin. I really can't tell you a way to avoid it, unless you got enough money to travel to Florida every winter.. But I can tell you this. MOISTURIZE.
2) Drying off with a towel - Too harsh. Too harsh. Too harsh. If you dry your skin off with a towel right after you take a shower, it strips away your skin's moisture. So try to do a little bit of air drying, please =D
3) Hot Showers - I'm personally guilty of this skin sin. I know it feels awesome just standing in a hot shower, but it really does not do any good for your skin. The natural oil in your skin dries out more quickly when you take hot showers. Try to minimize shower time to 5 minutes, which is enough time to get yourself considerably clean, and use lukewarm water if possible.
4) Heating and air conditioning - Just like winter weather, these two things strip away the moisture from the air in your home and can cause dry skin. My advice? Either turn it down and save some energy or moisturize just like you would in the winter =D
5) Bad soaps - Some soaps just strip away moisture and make you feel like some kind of reptile. Try not to use harsh soaps and shorten your showers. I personally use baby soap because it's so gentle for the skin and gets the job done.

Treatments for Dry Skin
1) Almond oil - This is such a fantastic oil, I feel like a mention it in every single post (I probably do). It moisturizes like crazy and doesn't clog pores. If you'd like to see more benefits of almond oil, click here.
2) Olive oil and Papaya - Olive oil is a wonderful product for the skin, and so inexpensive. The combination of olive oil and papaya as a sort of skin mask for your face or body is wonderful for treating dry skin. You can make a face mask out of this and leave it on for about a half hour.
3) Rosehip oil - Loaded with a ton of benefits for the skin while giving it moisture, this oil is packed with vitamin C and leaves you with a nice complexion. Again, one of my favorite oils next to almond. If you'd like to see its benefits, click here.
4) Jojoba oil - A little bit of this oil goes a long way. Jojoba oil moisturizes skin without clogging pores and is very inexpensive considering you only need a little bit each time you use it.
5) Milk and honey face wash, body wash, "whatever you please" wash - I use this every night and it tastes delicious and works wonders for the skin. Immediately after using it, my skin is as soft as a baby's. Use two tablespoons of honey in a cup of warm milk, and just use it as a facial wash. This wash disinfects as well as moisturizes and softens skin.

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